Dry Mounting & Laminating

Dry mounting is the process that we use to adhere a print onto a backing.

Laminating is the application of a protective plastic film that is applied to the surface of a print.

For displaying your posters, prints, certificates, photos, maps and any other image you value, the mounting and laminating process is ideal. It is a low cost alternative to picture framing.

An example would be a certificate mounted on MDF (medium density fibreboard) with a laminated surface and a bevel (angled) finished edge. This is essentially a typical “plaque” that most people are familiar with.

We stock a wide variety of mounting substrates. Our most popular substrates are: MDF, gatorfoam, foamcore, komatex or sintra, coroplast, lexan and various types of mounting card. These substrates come in numerous thicknesses, sizes and colours. The application will determine which substrate is ideal for your use.

We have an impressive range of laminating films in stock. We offer nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate and polyester based films in a wide variety of finishes. Gloss laminates will enhance colours. Matte films are non-reflective. Pebble textured films resists scratching and
finger prints. When the occasion requires it, we can also provide dry erase films.



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