Display Systems

Pop-up systems are usually used at trade shows. They are lightweight, easily transported and can be set up in a matter of minutes without using any tools. Pop–ups are ideally sized to give maximum impact as your graphics provide a full background for a standard size display booth. There are numerous accessories including a handy podium that uses the carrying cases as a base.

Banner stands are an inexpensive and easy way to display your graphics. Compact and simple to set up, they are ideal for use at seminars and other events when a full display is not required.

Folding stackable displays are fabric covered to accept velcro. They are usually used on a table where space is at a premium.

Panel systems are an alternative to pop-up systems. They have hinged aluminium frames that contain the graphic panels.

We can provide complete graphic production for whichever systems you choose. If you already have a display system and you now want fresh graphics, we can produce a top quality product at a competitive price.



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